Party consulting

Party consulting

If your event planning agency or your company needs our piece of advice on running catering or food at your party, be our guests… We’ll be delighted to help you with that!

While it’s safe to say, that absolutely any kind of an occasion, festivity or a socially important event needs food and drinks to be catered, there’s now a whole multitude of cuisines that you can be choosing your caterer from…

As the only and the best authentically Mexican restaurant in the city of Juneau, we’ve been vocal in proving, that no cuisine can be as flexible and good for event catering as the Mexican one!

With our wide selection of various traditional Mexican dishes and the big range of N/A and alcoholic beverages for catering, our services have already been picked for hundreds of occasions!

Without any doubt, our team has got all the skills and manpower that it takes for professionally serving weddings, anniversaries, bachelor parties and basically any other entertaining kinds of events…

So the first thing we’ll be doing, as you’ll approach us with your order for catering an event, we’ll be talking to you about the meals and drinks selection…

It’s a safe bet to suppose, that while Mexican food is diverse enough to become a part of any type of occasion, there are some events which need the menu to be adapted and optimized a bit.

This includes making food for an event with kids more healthy and less spicy, just as well as the opposite for gala dinners, weddings and any other kinds of parties!

Also, besides providing  appetizers, dishes, and beverages we will surely supply your event with our waiters and bartenders!

We’ve been serving food for Alaska events for years. Be sure that we know how to make it tasty and festive!


We are always ready to meet all your needs and requirements during the night time. Please call 555.329.0632 or fill out the contact form and we will call back to you ASAP.